Women want to look their best when out there. So, makeup has become an essential beauty item in their wardrobe. Although wearing makeup can enhance a woman’s appearance and self-respect, it can subject her to a wide range of health complications. A few studies have discovered that certain ingredients used to produce makeup can cause Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. This has led many customers to abandon chemically-manufactured makeup and look for organic alternatives. Here are reasons why you can succeed by choosing to sell makeup produced with organic ingredients:

You can succeed to sell cosmetics quickly because they are not made from harsh chemicals

Traditional makeup is effective at enhancing one’s beauty, but the ingredients used to make them include harsh chemicals that are not gentle on skin. In fact, sensitive users of such makeup can experience allergic reactions or irritation of the skin. Also, some of the chemicals used to make some non-organic makeup are merely poisonous and could affect the endocrine system. Examples of harsh chemicals used in non-organic makeup that have been associated with type 2 diabetes and cancer include phthalates and parabens. Organic makeup, on the other hand, are made from natural ingredients, such as cocoa powder, arrowroot powder, cinnamon powder, Aloe Vera, shea butter, almond oil, zinc oxide powder and more.

It’s easy to sell makeup made from organic ingredients because they are environmentally-friendly

Non-organic makeup leverage petroleum-based ingredients and the production process involve the use of harsh chemicals. Petroleum is a harsh substance, which is why it requires extensive mining. If you understand what goes on during petroleum mining, then you know that vast amount of forest, and land is destroyed in the process. Also, air is massively polluted during petroleum mining and processing. In the makeup production process, a lot of air pollution happens, as it involves mixing different chemicals and heating them up. By the time the makeup hits the cosmetic stores, it’s loaded with chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Organic ingredients are obtained from plants, so there is no destruction of the environment. Also, when these ingredients are heated, they don’t produce toxic gases that could pollute the environment.

Natural fragrance is another reason you can quickly sell makeup produced with organic ingredients

When it comes to personal care products, most people tend to shop with their noses; which is why manufacturers of makeup find the nicest smelling fragrance to incorporate in their makeup. Most makeup manufacturers mix different chemicals to get the nicest smelling fragrances. While these fragrances smell nice, inhaling them all day can have devastating health effects. In fact, research has found out that frequent inhalation of human-made fragrances can lead to respiratory issues, cancer, birth defects, and allergies. Organic makeup is made from natural ingredients, which means they don’t have any negative health effects when inhaled throughout the day. This is why people prefer to buy them over traditional makeup.

You can sell makeup made of organic ingredient effortless because they are nutrient-rich

The human skin can absorb particular compounds. But thanks to a certain barrier, the skin is also able to prevent hazardous compounds from entering the body. Even with the skin’s ability to insulate the body from certain compounds, others are so strong that they can damage the outer surface of the skin. The skin can allow natural compounds, which are nutrient-rich, into the body. An example of a makeup ingredient with great health benefits to the skin is cocoa butter. It’s a natural moisturizer, which means it’s loaded with essential fatty acids that promote healthy skin. In other words, cocoa butter can prevent premature aging.


True beauty is as a result of good health. In other words, it comes from within. Makeup is just a supplementary. So, when the time comes to choose your makeup and food, it’s a good idea to opt for organic.